Azine wrote:

“I just heard that many of the young people who commit suicide while in Dutch psychiatric care, have the label of Autism.

this says so much, both of how vicious people are treated who are neurodivergent, and it shows how much hate and non understanding people can receive from systems, if they are Autistic (or thought of as Autistic) in this country.
It can mean lack of medical care.

Lack of education that is fitting to their minds and not boring to death

Lack of acceptance of who they are, the normalcy culture extra viciously harps down on them trying to make them normal.

Lack of being even allowed personhood, an equal worth to others, it is hard to even describe the level of hardships the neurodivergent, the gifted, face, especially if the stigma of the neurodivergency of Autism comes up: then the entire bureaucracy closes around such a person, any help that could be gotten is now away.

Safe heavens for gifted, neurodverse and Autistics, like CCL was are viewed with suspicion and are closed when the opportunity arises.

It is disgusting, it is ableist, it is genocidal and must stop”