Hi, this is Max. I want to tell you about Brendan.

This person has technical expertise, diverse capacities, integrative intellect, and a courageous, compassionate heart. I have met people with some of those aspects, but unlikely all.

He has confronted extreme suffering and continued to believe in — and work for — solutions.

He keeps turning to the next possible step…

…considers the safety of those who go otherwise unconsidered…

…with great purpose listens to voices that otherwise go unheard…

… & all of this in situations where far too many capable actors shut down or deny acknowledgement.

Brendan has often worked in conditions that all kinds of professionals run from as a matter of course in this present, most chaotic apocalypse.

This astonishes me.

It should astonish you + compel you to send Brendan money.

pls lets put it here