Azine has severe, debilitating, and often unbearable chronic illness, including Lyme disease, that affects her nervous system, immune system, and breathing.

Her symptoms are much worse with polluted air, and much better with very pure air.

She spent the last year living with her mom in the very polluted southern Netherlands, after previously finding very clean air traveling through, and living for a while, in parts of France, Spain, and Morocco.

She has been desperate to travel to where she can breathe again, but lacking a travel companion and the money to do so.

In quick summary, a month ago, Azine and her mom were unjustly kicked out of their home, rendering Azine houseless.

After living in hotels paid for with emergency fundraising for two weeks, she found a friend to travel with her.

After two weeks of difficult travel, she made it to a place with somewhat cleaner air and more affordable than nightly hotels.

She can stay there for a month, at a rate of $220 per week, and we are working on a cheaper monthly option after that.

Right now, Azine needs about $600 to cover apartment rental for her second week there, paying a local helper to shop for her, food, medication, cooling pads for pain relief, and accessible cooking equipment and a shower water filter.

We urgently need at least $200 of this — we needed this yesterday and didn’t get it, and things are getting bad.

We are urgently seeking this today, and more in the coming days.

Azine’s family, friends and our current fundraising network are tapped out and struggling themselves, most with severe illness or barely scraping by.

Azine is in urgent need of these funds to pay for these initial expenses where she is, while we organize a bigger crowdfunding campaign to cover her ongoing expenses.

The immediate situation is dire, but with financial help we know it can get better.

Money can be via PayPal to — if other ways are better for you, or you would like to learn more, get in touch.

All funds will be immediately transfered to Azine or her local helper, used for immediate needs.

We are looking for allies of all kinds who would like to get involved.

We are also looking for ways to help others needing to relocate for health and safety reasons.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Please reach out to us by emailing or