Hello all. My helper has a phone so I can reach them now.
There is still a problem though, we often have no money for them to get a taxi to see me until afternoon.
I wake up early in the morning, between 6am-10am. So if I dont get help until 2pm-5pm, then that can be a significant chunk of time, or nearly my entire day.

Forcing me to choose between starving all day long and not being able to take any medication, or having to do things myself which is literally endangering my life.
I get hypoxemic when I walk too long, causing headache, chestpain, severe bodywide pain flares, fainting and simply losing motoric control so I fall. This interacts with the dystonia, spasticity and seizures that I have due to lyme disease, brain infarcts, and part of the dystonia I have had all my life, just like asthma.
I also deal with that my dominant hand’s wrist and thumb have developed severe arthritis due to several fractures, injuries, and prednisone.

Having to do so much myself is destroying my wrist, muscles and due to the insufficient oxygen intake hours per day, my entire body.
It also means I am running out of essential medicine at even faster rates than I usually would. I barely sleep anymore from pain, and sometimes after hours of effort, I dont even have the breathing capacity to eat.
This is robbing me of my chance to heal.
Which is why I came here, not to work-injure myself to death.

Please donate to make it possible that my helper can be here daily by noon at the latest.