Hello, this is Max.

I wrote text in our Telegram broadcast channel in support of The Metanoiac Portal and the work of Michón Neal.

Without the ability to edit it further (yet!) and knowing that eventually the disability aid of this Intuitive network will help me get it where it needs to be, I’d like to also share it here.

Michón’s work means a lot to me, and here are some words that describe my feelings.

Lists of what the body can do and lists of what the body can’t do

are useful to us, making countless subconscious decisions all the time,

and sometimes more and more conscious decisions to prioritize what is possible for us in honor of connecting with community emergence

and finding out how many amazing things become possible.


We have really been shamed.

We have been raised with shame.

We can get caught in shame that keeps us from creative access and from one another.

What is it that makes the difference, that lets us feel the shame we were raised with and recognize in our bodies how to allow it to change into something else?

Not to repress, but to allow-emerge — let it become the next kind of thing that it wants to be, something more nourishing.

I want to say: Proactivity.


In supporting #MichonCon, we choose to directly invest in the the foundation of the modern world — those who take on the greatest emotional labor, share nourishment, survive extremity for their community.


Honor the experiential wisdom of the forgotten & discarded

Direct payments to marginalized speakers

Tickets for the impoverished

Childcare & homecare expenses for harried single parents


Intuitive Social Conference + Intuitive Public Media: Michón Neal’s nourishing, community-fortifying conference model

Asynchronicity in humanitarian technological development


flow of resources into communities to revitalize creative access, environmental resonance, and health of the planet.


This sense I have… about #MichonCon… is astrological.

If I cannot connect directly due to physiological extremity, still I can feel that the event is happening.

The movements of bodies of work + bodies of community in diverse relationship… generate energy & mythology.

Also healing.

Feeling #MichonCon is like another tide of the Moon.

We speak ourselves closer to that which we long for until we achieve connection — what do we say? How do we move, how do we sing?

We are reinventing with all our bodies as a body how we emerge safely.

Michón Neal’s generative conference model is nutrient-dense, healing medicinal food.


Our space at t.me/TheMetanoiacPortal is a shrine to https://The-Metanoiac-Portal.mn.co, which I cannot quite reach.

I am closer to bridging this connection every day.

Supportive infrastructure must exist for projects that revitalize individuals + environments so profoundly.




Michón Con in the Works




Waymarker: https://t.me/TheMetanoiacPortal/117

Join workgroup for thriving: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFQI5T9VBDSwefftTQ

Request microphone: https://t.me/joinchat/J8dfcQ_6dmrFkypk_uH4dA

Support real living nourishment in the work of Michón Neal: https://Intuitive.Social/Conference/MichonCon