Azine is in an increasingly desperate emergency situation with her wrists getting more and more injured as she struggles to cook and do other tasks without a caregiver for so long.

Her wrists are becoming unable to carry anything which will end up with her dying by starvation if things don’t change.

Her muscles are dystonic and her worsening spasms cause her to drop things, causing food to spill and further injury including burns.

Smoke and fumes from spilled food on her cooker are further injuring her lungs and making it even more difficult for her to function. Same with mold that she needs more help to clean.

I and others most closely aware of what’s going on are terrified and desperate for others to understand and rally in support of getting a caregiver to Azine.

This is life and death. We need more help in coordinating assistance and helping others understand how severe of a situation this is.

She is doing worse and worse as we are unable to raise money to get a caregiver to her, let alone manage ongoing expenses.

This needs to change NOW.

We need more money, and while I know not everyone can give, we need help in getting the attention of more people who can.

Fundraising links can be found at Intitive Social Giving – Azine — and there’s a lot to do beyond giving money.  Contact us to learn more, and thank you for reading!