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Thank you for your support. The donations you’ve sent to intuitive.community/donations and to our other contribution platforms have built pages, bought supplies, paid service charges, and gotten core team members through days of suffering, starvation, and life-threatening circumstance. We are creating more and better ways to be in community together. Thank you for being on this mission with us.

We are changing our relationships around money and community. If you are able to contribute a few dollars to our efforts, intuitive.community/donations is a list of supportive links where you can pick your favorite way to urge us on. 

Whether you have dollars or not, let us know how you would like to support us, and how we can support you. You can always send us a private note using the button at the bottom right corner of intuitive.pub/helpline, email helpline@intuitive.pub or hello@intuitive.social to reach our team members. You can submit suggestions and public notes for broadcast, too, by visiting intuitive.pub/broadcast or sending us a public voice message by navigating to anchor.fm/Intuitive/message.

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And stay tuned. It’s about to get groovy.

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