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Some kind of Renaissance of Internet income generation
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‘ Wow. It’s like there’s a Renaissance of doing one’s income generating work on the Internet… ‘

Reviving kindness (better)
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Share resources
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Millions Missing Voice Global
6 hrs ·
‘ Here’s a sign you can print if you need it. Source:
Image description: Poster with a large red STOP sign and a large red title: “Someone in this house has a weak immune system” and large red instructions at the bottom: “If you feel at all unwell, or we don’t answer the door, please leave deliveries at the door”. Smaller black explanatory text in between: “People with weak immune systems are more likely to catch coronavirus (COVID-19), and more likely to suffer life-threatening complications if they become ill with it. Because of this, we are self-isolating and/or practising social distancing as a preventative measure” ‘

Chronically Awesome
4 hrs ·
‘ Whaaaaattt?!?! The response to my little poster idea has left us speechless.
  From sharing the poster we put up on our door to literally millions of hits, calls from the media, our website being blocked because of over use and having to be upgraded to manage the demand, to requests for translations and bringing on a printing partner… We’re overwhelmed on so many levels!
  While our website gets an upgrade, we’ll be running everything through @winstercreations who are printing posters for us. *LINK IN BIO*
  Free versions will be available for self printing as soon as the website is sorted.
  Thank you to Winster Creations for going from first contact to posting orders in just a couple of hours – amazing!
  They have our complete range and postage is free and 50p of sales comes back to us to support our work ❤
  Any problems or questions just give us a shout! ‘ 


Needs and solutions
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Spring is springing (music: “Gusty Hollow,” Anchor FM)
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I think things are going to get better. Honestly.


Intuitive Public Radio (music: “Doghouse,” Anchor FM)

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