Even through the terrible things that happened, I have had and continue to have a great deal of privilege others do not — skin-color privilege and many other systemic privileges included.

To survive those terrible things, I have had to center far more powerfully in my life how sharing our privileges matters, and how doing so supports our surviving together. 

The last portion of the word community contains the word “munity” — privileges we choose to extend to one another.

The privileges I have must be used to most effectively restore privileges that have been destructively stripped away from others.

That’s how we regain community, connectivity, and safety.

The stakes are very high. The effects of our efforts all together grow very deep. You feel that now, right?

Intersections of multiple marginalization can regenerate vital nourishment and creativity… or wastefully torture and kill countless human beings.

We get to choose, together.

We can do something about it, together.