The list of intersections I know too well and the ones I want to understand better don’t describe something theoretical.

These intersections describe violence, trauma, and terror that is daily happening to real living people.

People are being trafficked now. People are being harmed, raped, and murdered now.

Black, brown, and indigenous people, people of color, diverse and neurodivergent communicators, queer and trans people, disabled and severely disabled people, survivors of extreme and ongoing trauma, and many others I wish to list more specifically and accurately — whose hardships continue to compound horrifically without community supports and at complicated intersections — they don’t have the time for the rest of us to slowly process through it.

We must swiftly learn to speak and act with enough awareness to restore resources, resilience, and safety where most needed.

That is what serves all of us.

When I wish to make the choice to talk about this and to underscore the immediate necessity of it…

…When I want to tell you that the most important work of intersectionality was begun by a Black woman whose name keeps slipping away from me, for instance ((!) her name is Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw: please see link in PS)…

…in that moment, I am struck with physical debility, and feel filled with a terrible fear that I will be raped and murdered for saying something substantial about it.

I know that I feel this way for many reasons, particularly because of the circumstances in which I was trafficked.

That’s what I’m overcoming in order to speak up and work on this every single day… affected by severe physical disabilities… even though I do not have income or resources to meet my own survival needs.

If I can find a way through all of that and still self-determine to speak up about it — after becoming a survivor of sex trafficking and after years of deteriorative physical damage — maybe you will notice yourself having an easier time of it.

Please try.

It’s important.

PS. Here is a good place to start reading more of Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw’s work on intersectionality:

PPS. Here are the beginnings of our intersections document: 

PPPS. If you need a safe space or conversational support in order to talk about this or a related subject, send me a private message or find my other contact info at this address: 

PPPPS. Thanks. 🌿