Our Intuitive Public Radio and this Intuitive community are committed to centering survivors of greatest severity. 

What does that mean?

The only true way to relieve invisible harms and hardship in our communities is to tune to the voices of those least heard, those most devastatingly being hurt. 

Our methodology has been developed around this first most important point to serve all those undeservedly excluded from community safety.

Survivors who reach out for help, having been told something will be there to help them, often suddenly realize that there is nothing…

…except the crucial solutions that we survivors of severe disability have been building.

We say “self-identified Survivors of Severity” — and though challenges have kept us from framing this more specifically, we have started to collect the intersections we find ourselves experiencing most frequently. 

Major problems are created when severely disabled people cannot rely on non-disabled people to ensure consistent communications and community interactions.

When we cannot maintain consistent connections, it becomes much harder to communicate successfully. Often, severely disabled people have no way of communicating with one another because their communications with non-disabled people are already so compromised.

It has been important over these last several years for me to be profoundly careful what I say and about whom, especially as I am striving to support that person.

Part of severe disability for me is that if someone feels upset or offended by something I say, even unwitting, and if they respond without awareness of how my physical body is affected, their response can be fatal to me within days.

For a long time, any opportunity where I might speak up for someone else’s safety, because my continuous physical suffering has been so great, I might make a neurological mistake that puts them in greater danger instead.

It’s one of many reasons we needed a collaborative, inclusive, access-oriented public radio.

I must constantly educate others about the intersections I’m experiencing so that I can continue to be alive on this planet on a day-to-day basis.

To continue to be alive, I need reliable communications access.