Hello, blessings to all.

I am in need of courageous, kind, patient, respectful, caring people with whom to verbally process my experiences of having been sex trafficked.

I need at first brief introductory conversations in private, then coordinate public conversations in order to get my friends and colleagues who are being trafficked now to safety.

Other trafficking survivors in our network are also in need of this kind of support, preferably in a small group context.

It is important for us to have many different kinds of people involved in this recovery process, as members of our network have been extensively submitted to violent entrapment based on varying intersections of persecution.

To restore resonant community interactions significantly restores each survivor’s capacity to communicate.

We are in need of people to hold strong, brave space for these conversations for myself and for others in private and in public.

This is the most effective and immediate way to stop the sex trafficking we know is ongoing presently.

More information can be found at https://intuitive.social/traffic and https://intuitive.pub/intersections.

Please contact me privately on Telegram or by emailing me at max@intuitive.pub.

Thank you for your assistance and thank you for widely sharing, copy-pasting, and forwarding this message.