Aimé Lilithe

Aimé is the latest member to our team. They have worn many hats in the past, building skills that have been useful to the transmedia endeavor we are creating at Intuitive. They live with the two rare auoimmune companions of aplastic anemia and PHN, but perfer the companionship of their two cats, Utah (as seen below) and Reshka (a Mini House Panther). Their pronouns are they/them.

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There are not enough words to describe what a character this cat is. Hopefully the photo says more than a thousands words.

A bird’s nest Aimé found in their yard after a couple of blustery days, with their hair (that they leave outside after cutting) woven in.

“I have never been so excited about being involved in a project like this in my life. As a person with chronic disability, seeing so many others like myself in similar or even worse situations, I feel driven to see this network grow into a community of survivors helping each other not only survive… but thrive. Not in spite of, but even because our varying disabilities, traumas and hardships have caused us to teach ourselves unique life skills and tools that have kept us alive  – and now we get to share those tools with each other in community.”

Aimé Lilithe

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Helpers & Professionals Promote Life-Saving Survivor-Led Projects

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We are coordinating a group to restore life-saving medication access to a beloved organizer and support professional in our community who is in crisis.

We need your help!

Please comment on this post or send a private message to this page (tip: there is a button at the bottom right corner you can reach us with). We will include you in whatever way you need so that you can most fully participate.

Please share this post prolifically.

Thank you for your kindness, courage, and collaboration in the amazing resilience of this community.

More about the group that is working now, in need of participants:

We are helping one another learn how to engage diplomatic outreach to businesses and organizations producing resources (such as medications) that are needed at intersections of violent multi-marginalization where they are immediately life-saving and provide substantial community relief.

Our process is focused to catalyse greater awareness, build trust, and establish ongoing relationships so that support and resourcing can flow more easily through all our communities.

Our efforts employ marketing professionalism and human-centric networking expertise where it occupies the same space as sustainable community nourishment and respect for living beings.

These skill sets directly benefit ANY and ALL income-generating projects.

If you want to practice professional skills of any kind (hit us up with your brainstorm, bet we’ll say yes), this is an excellent opportunity to volunteer on behalf of a community member in need and simultaneously increase your own inherent capacities to achieve goals like these.


* Please share this post widely and repeatedly in every way, including multimedia versions as needed and copy+paste.

* We crucially need people on Telegram messenger, our network disability aid. If you can install and use it, you do us a profound service by communicating with us there.

* We crucially need EXISTING PROFESSIONALS in and around our networks to recognize and get involved with these efforts, as all our active members currently are severely disabled and experiencing physical extremity.

* We need people able to type; think in numbers; use a business brain; make simple phone calls with scripts; send emails; make web pages; express their support in their own authentic way; cheer us on; signal boost with stickers and emoticons; other needs also, not yet included on this list (do suggest).

* We need people to care that this is happening, to engage with this effort consistently, to know that when we work together none of us are helpless, and to center the fact that we have known solutions — right now, immediately.

Please help us implement these solutions right away by reaching out to us.

Email, comment on this post, or send this page a private message.

You might also friend or private message Max, whose info can be found here.

You rock so hard for reading all of this.

Thank you for following up. Blessings!

We are coordinating a group to restore life-saving medication access to a beloved organizer and support professional in…

Posted by Intuitive Public Radio on Friday, August 21, 2020


Introducing Aimé

My name is Aimé. For the past 12+ years I have been disabled by two rare autoimmune diseases – Aplastic Anemia and PNH – which over time have imposed limitations of severe fatigue, limited brain function and hyper sensitivity to the wider world, on my ability to be engaged in physical community.

I have been fortunate, however to find community online with other folks who are disabled and in other life conditions that have resulted in a state of constant survival struggle. I have found support and comfort knowing I am not alone and in discussing the ways we stay alive. Our voices are painful to hear and our stories excruciating, yet I’m on fire by our cries for equity in a culture that marginalizes those who do not fit societal norms.

With that, I have had the immense fortune to meet other like-minded folks wanting to create better networks for people like us to find a safety net of community support – in online collaboration that leads to concrete solutions locally.

We are currently working to create an online Disability Network that seeks to find community solutions to the challenges faced by those often left to fall through the cracks of the systems meant to help those on the margins of “acceptable” societal functioning, yet only offer meager survival. We are creating a safety net of support, for folks struggling to exist in security, to be able to use that support to find stability and to then be able to help others in turn.

What’s that saying? “A rising tide lifts all boats.” We seek to be the swell that lifts us all up beyond just surviving into thriving.

We have a number of platforms where we are creating this community network, and invite those who are interested to get involved! There are links here on this page to navigate to, as well as posts in the feed that direct you to where we are working on Telegram from day to day.

I am excited about connecting with more networks of helping people and I hope you will join me in seeing this community grow and thrive!