Aimé Lilithe

Aimé is the latest member to our team. They have worn many hats in the past, building skills that have been useful to the transmedia endeavor we are creating at Intuitive. They live with the two rare auoimmune companions of aplastic anemia and PHN, but perfer the companionship of their two cats, Utah (as seen below) and Reshka (a Mini House Panther). Their pronouns are they/them.

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There are not enough words to describe what a character this cat is. Hopefully the photo says more than a thousands words.

A bird’s nest Aimé found in their yard after a couple of blustery days, with their hair (that they leave outside after cutting) woven in.

“I have never been so excited about being involved in a project like this in my life. As a person with chronic disability, seeing so many others like myself in similar or even worse situations, I feel driven to see this network grow into a community of survivors helping each other not only survive… but thrive. Not in spite of, but even because our varying disabilities, traumas and hardships have caused us to teach ourselves unique life skills and tools that have kept us alive  – and now we get to share those tools with each other in community.”

Aimé Lilithe

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