Max (Megan Elizabeth) Morris

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MaxMoRadio Transmissions

How has Intuitive community changed your outcomes in caregiving?

I am a severely disabled survivor of severe trauma.

Most public support resources exclude me — they don’t know what to do with me.

Countless services and organizations have had no answer for me when I ask them what to do — for myself, my family, and for many others.

Survivors like me and families like mine need effective communications support and practical resource assistance in order to solve problems, stabilize, and recover health after trauma.

Because of the many, diverse, and unique challenges that emerge from compounded trauma, situational solutions are crucial to success for suffering families and communities.

Without the resources Intuitive has shared, my family and I could not communicate or survive together. This meant brutal additional pain, confusion, fear, stress, and illness for all of us until recently, especially because I am not the only severely disabled person in my immediate family.

After many years of threat to life and health, and of my mother struggling as caregiver for both my and my father’s very different, complex health challenges, we have new and better strategies for supporting one another effectively.

These strategies are working for us now even in the most chaotic (scary, messy, challenging) circumstances.

Intuitive provides coordination support that allows me to help care for my parents, helps others support my needs, and helps us rebuild healthy environments for our families and communities.

Our connection to Intuitive prevents further trauma, caregiver burnout, and premature death.

Intuitive helps us to address painful, scary, or complicated subjects more easily, aids us in problemsolving, and helps us to more successfully meet our needs.

We’re healthier every day because of this, and deeply grateful.

Thank you.

—-Max Morris