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If you have already sent messages in the above ways, reach out again with kindness and caring — this is known to regenerate neurological function.

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Max Makes (Food) Gratitude & Relief Radio

Intuitive Public Radio is an Internet-based public health art and advocacy project that I have been working on with international friends and colleagues for a number of years.

One of the things we have done each day is to imagine together the lives of microbes.

The lives of microbes and our own lives are so interconnected — especially for those of us who are aware of how we and our microbes eat together.

Understandings of microbially healing foods and safe fermentation practices strengthen our communities and those we have been reaching out to, especially at this challenging time.

To talk about this on a public platform with kindness, solidarity, and a healthy dose of whimsy (you must know!) is restorative to all of us including and especially many very scared people and whole communities suffering in pain or confusion.

My own healing journey has required deep emergency education about fermenting every possible food I can ferment.

A crucial part of restoring my function after digestive failure has been in building relationships with the populations of tiny people in the cultures I am fermenting — friends and neighbors to me, sharing food with me, sharing their lives with me even invisibly.

This food based relationship building has also been a relief in prolonged isolation and a means of recovering from trauma, all of which many people are newly experiencing.

In community, when we imagine together what we cannot physically see, people who are struggling find they can learn and develop new skill sets more easily.

This is a leverage point I have used to come back from neurological injuries a number of times, and has proven life-saving for us to remember on a daily basis.

More notes available at Intuitive.Social/Kitchen 🌿🥦🥬


Max Morris
🌃 🥦



Resonance, kindness, and shared meaning

My name is Max Morris.

I coordinate ongoing Internet radio programming to connect and support survivors of severity who have been cut off from any assistance or community.

We are producing an international public health art and advocacy project called Intuitive Public Radio.

I’m interested to create more multimedia, especially storytelling and sharing opportunities, to connect members of our communities who can’t usually connect.

I am in Pittsburgh. I’d love to get to know others working on projects like these and offer any support I can. If you are listening to the sound of my voice or reading this text, contact me privately by emailing or visiting

Like others in my network, I am severely disabled from experiences I survived before the coronavirus news started. This is another life-changing experience for all of us.

I’ve been documenting measurable recovery and functions I regain when I prioritize connecting collaboratively in caring community. Resonance, kindness, and shared meaning have wondrous health effects.

USDAC has been working to expand awareness and facilitation of story circles, an effort very close to our hearts at IPR.

Intuitive Public Radio has sought to provide story circle context and opportunities to survivors who are not able to join real-time story circles, and may not have a local community they can safely connect with.

We have also sought to connect many other kinds of communities with the survivors who are members of our community, since many do not know these survivors even exist.

Many of our members have been very sick or severely disabled for years or decades, isolated long-term, cut off from their localities and in-person events, and cut off from online real-time events, too, by their health conditions and extreme circumstances.

Recent events concerning coronavirus have affected them in profound and still too often invisible ways.

If you know of any person or group compiling story circle resources for individuals who are not able to join real-time events or real time Internet meetings, I would love to know about it. We have been working passionately on this for a long time, with hope that we will meet more people already working on it (or wanting to work on it).

If you are listening to our programming and would like to support us, visit for some ideas how.

You can find our transcripts at

Thank you for tuning in!


Max Mo


Contributors needed (Can you help?)

I am working on a public art & advocacy project that includes radio material and other content. (We often refer to this project collectively as Intuitive Public Radio.)

I am a trafficking and environmental illness survivor who for the last number of years has been working to establish ongoing internet radio programming to connect and support survivors of severity who have been cut off from any assistance or community.

Severe circumstances have led to me needing to run a recorder during my conversations with others in order to mitigate ongoing neurological damage from physical trauma and toxic exposure, and for basic recall of details if I am unexpectedly affected by physical and cognitive debilitation.

Cyborgian this way, I can be most effective on behalf of struggling friends and colleagues if I focus my efforts on public radio conversations that increase our resilience and brain function in radio & internet community.

The help we need:

I am in need of ongoing private conversations with individuals and groups who will allow me to compile public radio & art segments from the privately recorded materials.

Both private and public conversations are crucial to the neurological repair, safety, and survival of our community members. One-off conversations definitely help, however — regularly revisiting co-hosts, guests, and subjects will be most supportive for the members of our community who need to rebuild their neurological function in interacting with people who care about them.

(This includes me, as have been continuously pummeled by isolation, physical abuse, and neurological damage; extremely difficult to communicate verbally with others; I am particularly grateful for ongoing relationship building with others at this time. With continual public radio interactions amidst caring community members, my stabilized function returns very quickly.)

Gratitude for conversational opportunities and introductions. I am in scary situations that can be eased easily with more positive social interactions in public. I hope that I can offer support and communicate in a way that allows you to respond or participate.

Thank you for reading | listening.


PS. Links to explore are below. I will make a new post to link here & in the comments with more helpful details. Apologies for my difficulty using digital platforms including Facebook and Facebook messenger, causing some missed Facebook messages. 

PPS. Follow-up post:

Transceiving Survivors of Severity

Transceiving Survivors of Severity • episode notes & transcript at 

Transceiving Survivors of Severity (music: “Pondering”). Volunteer to help transcribe.
 . . . ‘ …the language that Survivors of Severity speak. ‘
 . . . ‘ …and I guess I’m not yet in a position to verbalize them, but I am paying attention. ‘


Transceiving Survivors of SeverityMaxMoRadioIntuitive Public Radio



Shiny new foliage, flowing electricity

Listen to Shiny new foliage, flowing electricity on Anchor FM.

Shiny new dim view, verbiage, foliage • Stranger than new friends or mountains • Flow electricity, safeguard the body • 


Shiny new dim view, verbiage, foliage. (Audio only. Volunteer to help transcribe segments.)
Stranger than new friends or mountains. (Audio only. Volunteer to help transcribe segments.)
Flow electricity, safeguard the body. (Audio only. Volunteer to help transcribe segments.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast episode, The Doctor’s Farmacy: Episode 14 with Dr. Terry Wahls.


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About Max

Max (Megan Elizabeth) Morris is a survivor of sex trafficking who works in rescue coordination, trafficking mitigation, sexual safety, harm reduction, disability media advocacy, communications infrastructure, space restoration, and community building.

She organizes emergent resources on revitalizing expression, strengths recognition, power differentials, and trust dynamics affecting intimate relationships, family, community, and professional relationships, and works to promote successful evolutionary leadership across communities.

Max’s resource expertise includes individual approaches to self-led recovery from chronic, complex, environmental illness; toxic injury; survival of extreme hardship; trauma languaging; community-supported creative healing modalities; and methods of honoring unique lived experience that drives the creation of professional income streams.

Max also sings opera, makes art, plays instruments, establishes traveling medicinal kitchens, and organizes ambitiously marvelous garden parties featuring illuminatory experiential content about what is called “the social model of disability.” (Worth looking up.)

Her strengths regenerate in relationships and community environments centering awareness and passion for (full consent, intuitive listening-based) rescue aid and related tasks — helping people who need help, especially those who can’t find help anywhere else.

Max deeply loves to make friends of all kinds, especially those with courageous hearts, a keen sense of integrity, a call to adventure, and increasing respect for all living beings.

Listen to her on the radio:

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Ask how you can learn to behave intuitively and supportively in communities of trauma survivors (our community knowledgebase has collected some great answers).

This question may have more direct relevance in your life than you currently realize.

Thanks for tuning in. 🌺,,