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On the subject of professionalism

Contributors needed (Can you help?)

I am working on a public art & advocacy project that includes radio material and other content. (We often refer to this project collectively as Intuitive Public Radio.)

I am a trafficking and environmental illness survivor who for the last number of years has been working to establish ongoing internet radio programming to connect and support survivors of severity who have been cut off from any assistance or community.

Severe circumstances have led to me needing to run a recorder during my conversations with others in order to mitigate ongoing neurological damage from physical trauma and toxic exposure, and for basic recall of details if I am unexpectedly affected by physical and cognitive debilitation.

Cyborgian this way, I can be most effective on behalf of struggling friends and colleagues if I focus my efforts on public radio conversations that increase our resilience and brain function in radio & internet community.

The help we need:

I am in need of ongoing private conversations with individuals and groups who will allow me to compile public radio & art segments from the privately recorded materials.

Both private and public conversations are crucial to the neurological repair, safety, and survival of our community members. One-off conversations definitely help, however — regularly revisiting co-hosts, guests, and subjects will be most supportive for the members of our community who need to rebuild their neurological function in interacting with people who care about them.

(This includes me, as have been continuously pummeled by isolation, physical abuse, and neurological damage; extremely difficult to communicate verbally with others; I am particularly grateful for ongoing relationship building with others at this time. With continual public radio interactions amidst caring community members, my stabilized function returns very quickly.)

Gratitude for conversational opportunities and introductions. I am in scary situations that can be eased easily with more positive social interactions in public. I hope that I can offer support and communicate in a way that allows you to respond or participate.

Thank you for reading | listening.


PS. Links to explore are below. I will make a new post to link here & in the comments with more helpful details. Apologies for my difficulty using digital platforms including Facebook and Facebook messenger, causing some missed Facebook messages. 

PPS. Follow-up post: https://intuitive.pub/2020/03/20/contributor-invitation-restoring-resilience-in-communities-experiencing-trauma.


In Spring

In Spring • Some kind of Renaissance of Internet income generation • Reviving kindness (better) • Share resources • Needs and solutions • Spring is springing • I think things are going to get better. Honestly. https://Intuitive.Social/Professional

Some kind of Renaissance of Internet income generation
(Volunteer to help transcribe.)
‘ Wow. It’s like there’s a Renaissance of doing one’s income generating work on the Internet… ‘

Reviving kindness (better)
(Volunteer to help transcribe.)


Share resources
(Volunteer to help transcribe.)

Millions Missing Voice Global
6 hrs ·
‘ Here’s a sign you can print if you need it. Source: https://twitter.com/Naomi_My_Story/status/1239624246361559044?s=19
Image description: Poster with a large red STOP sign and a large red title: “Someone in this house has a weak immune system” and large red instructions at the bottom: “If you feel at all unwell, or we don’t answer the door, please leave deliveries at the door”. Smaller black explanatory text in between: “People with weak immune systems are more likely to catch coronavirus (COVID-19), and more likely to suffer life-threatening complications if they become ill with it. Because of this, we are self-isolating and/or practising social distancing as a preventative measure” ‘

Chronically Awesome
4 hrs ·
‘ Whaaaaattt?!?! The response to my little poster idea has left us speechless.
  From sharing the poster we put up on our door to literally millions of hits, calls from the media, our website being blocked because of over use and having to be upgraded to manage the demand, to requests for translations and bringing on a printing partner… We’re overwhelmed on so many levels!
  While our website gets an upgrade, we’ll be running everything through @winstercreations who are printing posters for us. *LINK IN BIO*
  Free versions will be available for self printing as soon as the website is sorted.
  Thank you to Winster Creations for going from first contact to posting orders in just a couple of hours – amazing!
  They have our complete range and postage is free and 50p of sales comes back to us to support our work ❤
  Any problems or questions just give us a shout! ‘


Needs and solutions
(Volunteer to help transcribe.)


Spring is springing (music: “Gusty Hollow,” Anchor FM)
(Volunteer to help transcribe.)


I think things are going to get better. Honestly.


Intuitive Public Radio (music: “Doghouse,” Anchor FM)

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