Intuitive Social Theater

How do you want to learn important skills? 
…the fun way, right? 🙂

Intuitive Social Theater follows our community as we delve into creative expression and multimodal learning — together, with astonishing results. Release stress, build confidence, and explore the roles you want to play.

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What do you want to happen next?

. . .

Can you act it out on a video?

Describe it with meaning and feeling in an audio?

Show it in a picture you scrapbook off the internet?

Make a spontaneous poem, or a word cloud of phrases that move you?

. . .

Every day we are confronted with a series of problems for which we would like to find solutions.

Sometimes just getting on the track towards solutions can be very confusing!

We are more confused if we are out of touch with our bodies, where a huge amount of information to support our well-being is stored.

We feel more grounded and clear when we are present in our bodies. This allows us to make specific efforts towards specific goals that we wish to achieve.

. . .

Intuitive Social Theater helps us get in touch with our bodies…

…and helps us connect with the next best step. This works because it is in our bodies where answers, options, and possible paths live.

. . .

How can you creatively show others what you most want to happen next in your universe?

                                    Let’s express ourselves…

…find out what matters to us…

…and make a step-by-step plan how we can get there.