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Our online community coordinates support + advocacy for people in extreme distress seeking situation change.

We seek to help others in innovative ways, create individual helping professions with income streams, and provide opportunities to learn from and with each other.

Creative Collaboration for

Situation Change & Improving the World
















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About Max

Max (Megan Elizabeth) Morris is a survivor of sex trafficking who works in rescue coordination, trafficking mitigation, sexual safety, harm reduction, disability media advocacy, communications infrastructure, space restoration, and community building. She organizes...


Bulletin • IPR •• Intuitive.Pub/Broadcast ' If anyone wants proofreading, email to get your words proofread by a Cambridge graduate with 7 years' proofreading experience, an intimate understanding of deadline panic, and a habit of leaving you...

Megan & Max

From and . Hello. I used to be called Megan, Meg, or MEM. Megan Elizabeth Morris is a name I honor, value, and keep. Now I am called Max, which has confused some people and...



Collaboration & Community

“We are connecting survivors of severe situations to Telegram messenger,, discourse and other apps. We support them in community to get the help they need to collaborate with one another productively. To access resources created by the community for individuals, for professionals, and for groups. To realize their own emergent capacity…

 …when we work together, we can achieve things in community that we couldn’t before, and we solve problems that didn’t seem solvable before, much more easily.”

Max Morris

Intuitive Inc.

“Our online community, workshops, and outreach, offered free of charge, offers support and advocacy for people who are currently in extreme distress, seeking situation change, and isolated and/or not understood or well-helped by those around them.

This includes people with illness, disability, problems finding safe housing, those in abusive or otherwise strained situations, and who are not finding others to listen with empathy and assist in finding short-term and long-term sustainable solutions.

Our online workshops give people seeking to help others in innovative ways an opportunity to learn from and with the people they seek to help. This includes people working in or seeking to work in helping professions, and who are interested in charitable giving, to learn first-hand and collaborate with people in need of help.

This collaboration will lead to identifying and acting on problems and solutions often missed by mainstream organizations.”

Brendan Heidenreich

Intuitive Inc.

“I have never been so excited about being involved in a project like this in my life. As a person with chronic disability, seeing so many others like myself in similar or even worse situations, I feel driven to see this network grow into a community of survivors helping each other not only survive… but thrive. Not in spite of, but even because our varying disabilities, traumas and hardships have caused us to teach ourselves unique life skills and tools that have kept us alive  – and now we get to share those tools with each other in community.”

Aimé Lilithe

Intuitive Inc.