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Megan Elizabeth Morris
Intuitive Collaborative Direct

Megan (Mack, Max, Metta, Mo) writes…

I’m opening availability in April & May 2024…

…for direct, 1:1 Intuitive consults, coaching, network concierge, game strategy, resource coordination, and collaborative support. If you think I can help, tell me more. If you’re not sure if I can help, ask and we’ll consider together. Surprising solutions occur daily. However I can be of support to you or serve to connect you with a useful resource, I’m interested.

If you’d like to know more, read this whole page.

Intuitive is my most meaningful gameplay — & my great interest is enhancing yours.

In every way that you reach out to support me, you’re supporting the worldwide survivor-led Intuitive Network.

That means you’re part of our continuous development of disability recovery resourcing to grow daring, caring, joyful, resilient, resplendent, life-honoring communities everywhere.

Thank you for doing that.

30 minutes for $20 • Special Gameplay Opportunity

To schedule a session, send $20 and receive 30 minutes on Zoom video or phone (or 45 minutes asynchronous messaging on Telegram) by way of paypal.me/intuitiveinvisibles. This is a special price offering that will not be available in the same way later on. Keep reading to learn more about this Intuitive game.

If you are seeking a form of access not already mentioned, read this whole page for additional options. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, message me privately (see contact information further down).

The Intuitive Network is dedicated to co-creating helpful pathways & collaborative solutions, especially with-&-for those who are least heard, recognized, or considered + all who wish to recognize them. I do my best to accommodate requests.

Once you’ve sent $20, click here to choose the day and time of our call. 

Book right away to fully participate.

The first feedback I got on this offer… & continuing feedback as I’ve outlined many of the price points we’ll be highlighting… has been that these prices are set far too low for the value I and the Intuitive Network bring to our colleagues and collaborators.

Yes, we know that to be the case. (Thank you for saying it.)

Some supporters feel most true and activated paying an economically sustainable rate for this session time, which is significantly higher. They (and we) want us to be able to continue this work robustly and successfully.

Some supporters prefer to pay more than the sustainable rate in order to support and strengthen the whole community — which improves our support for those without funds or means.

(Do ask how you can facilitate greater strides in physical & vocational recoveries, life vitality, & community well-being through network purchases.)

Some supporters can only participate at an entry-level financial investment — or need more opportunities & assistance in order to start gaining resource connectivity. If that’s you, watch this space & engage closely with us.

To co-create a dynamic where every kind of supporter can enliven this community-building work, you’ll notice that the current session price offering may increase (or drop) considerably depending on the day & place.

Watch (& ask!) for game codes. Celebrate successes. Comment & share our posts.

Get excited about paying a higher amount for the same kind of project engagement — because of the wonderful gift you are giving to those who have too-long gone without. Receive lower-cost sessions with gratitude & gladness.

Feel the energy shift and expand as you become more interconnected with our efforts.

Bring yourself into full network participation on a daily basis. It makes an astonishing difference.

Make sure you read this whole page to be aware of additional options.

Ask for help when you need it.

We’re all in this together.

Community Access Share, $0+

Are you navigating significant hardship regarding resource scarcity, physical safety, food, and/or shelter?

Ask us for network access.

  • Connect with private consultations and collaborations.
  • Receive invitations to group learning, class co-facilitation sessions and community resources.
  • Request access to our projects and services for the level at which you can best participate.
  • With your feedback, we will build new access points and connect you to the community.

Donate a custom amount using this link: paypal donation • custom amount

Then, schedule using this link: calendly • megan elizabeth morris (30 minutes) 

Send a donation of the amount that is best for you, if you have the option to do so.

Regardless of whether you are able to send a donation of any amount, reach out to introduce yourself by sending a message to t.me/maxmorris on Telegram messenger or by emailing max@intuitive.pub. Together, we’ll plan ideal next steps that suit your needs best.

Consider also introducing yourself to community members in our public chat on Telegram messenger where comments and community conversations are collected. (We remove accounts that do not introduce themselves within an hour or so, as Telegram like other social apps sometimes has wandering bots.) When you’re ready to introduce yourself, here’s the link: t.me/CommunityIPR

If you’d like help with your introduction, message t.me/maxmorris directly when you join the group chat and I’ll help you out.

Are you subscribed to the Intuitive Public Radio Network?

 If you subscribe to Mack’s Memo • Intuitive Public Radio on Substack, remember to take a moment to request a game code during your session with Megan. On receipt, use that game code to schedule a follow-up session for $0.

When you subscribe for free, you get a lot more cool stuff, surprises, & opportunities.

(And when you upgrade your subscription, you feed us. We profoundly appreciate it.)