Max Morris (previously known as Megan Elizabeth Morris), is working non-stop in, and helping to solve, circumstances of extreme suffering, hardship, and adversity, and broadcasts about it on Intuitive Public Radio.

Gosh, she is glad you’re here!

Learn more about what she’s working on at Max’s Hello page.


Brendan Heidenreich is one of our first intuitive technologists, researcher and assistance coordinator. He is a founding member of Intuitive Social Incubator, and is helping to develop Air Quality Owl and other sites in our network.

Brendan’s passion is finding, promoting, and helping build resources, community and support for people not well-served by conventional paradigms.



Aimé Lilithe, Intuitive Technologist & Intuitive Public Helper, works with outreach, materials creation, and crisis aid coordination. They are a member of Intuitive Public Media and Intuitive Social Incubator.

                                        …and many wonderful others to be announced!