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Shiny new foliage, flowing electricity

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Shiny new dim view, verbiage, foliage • Stranger than new friends or mountains • Flow electricity, safeguard the body • 


Shiny new dim view, verbiage, foliage. (Audio only. Volunteer to help transcribe segments.)
Stranger than new friends or mountains. (Audio only. Volunteer to help transcribe segments.)
Flow electricity, safeguard the body. (Audio only. Volunteer to help transcribe segments.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast episode, The Doctor’s Farmacy: Episode 14 with Dr. Terry Wahls.


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Caring & Commensality

There’s something about discussions about caring for one another and eating together — commensality — that captivate us these days.

These two things go together.

What is it about them?

The desire to be closer to our food and closer to one another seems driven by necessity; we are sorting out catastrophes of misinformation…

More: Caring & Commensality (Intuitive Community).

We are regularly put through painful misunderstandings, exacerbated by trauma affecting all participants.

But when we raise a focus on caring and commensality, something shifts.

We notice that when we prioritize both effective communication and effective digestion, we have different and better outcomes than before.

We don’t feel so much like we’re dying; we share food with one another, we build understandings with one another, we notice a new resilience despite physical duress.

Digestive neurology in community.

More: Caring & Commensality (Intuitive Community).

About Max

Max (Megan Elizabeth) Morris is a survivor of sex trafficking who works in rescue coordination, trafficking mitigation, sexual safety, harm reduction, disability media advocacy, communications infrastructure, space restoration, and community building.

She organizes emergent resources on revitalizing expression, strengths recognition, power differentials, and trust dynamics affecting intimate relationships, family, community, and professional relationships, and works to promote successful evolutionary leadership across communities.

Max’s resource expertise includes individual approaches to self-led recovery from chronic, complex, environmental illness; toxic injury; survival of extreme hardship; trauma languaging; community-supported creative healing modalities; and methods of honoring unique lived experience that drives the creation of professional income streams.

Max also sings opera, makes art, plays instruments, establishes traveling medicinal kitchens, and organizes ambitiously marvelous garden parties featuring illuminatory experiential content about what is called “the social model of disability.” (Worth looking up.)

Her strengths regenerate in relationships and community environments centering awareness and passion for (full consent, intuitive listening-based) rescue aid and related tasks — helping people who need help, especially those who can’t find help anywhere else.

Max deeply loves to make friends of all kinds, especially those with courageous hearts, a keen sense of integrity, a call to adventure, and increasing respect for all living beings.

Listen to her on the radio:

Support this work in continuing to reach those who need it most:

Ask how you can learn to behave intuitively and supportively in communities of trauma survivors (our community knowledgebase has collected some great answers).

This question may have more direct relevance in your life than you currently realize.

Thanks for tuning in. 🌺,,




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‘ If anyone wants proofreading, email to get your words proofread by a Cambridge graduate with 7 years’ proofreading experience, an intimate understanding of deadline panic, and a habit of leaving you sweet and funny explanatory comments in the margins.

I can proofread American or British English and I specialise in working with ESL speakers and neurodiverse folks.

Standard rate is £9/10€/$12 per 1000 words but feel free to ask me for a discount, I’m unlikely to say no 🙂 ‘

Evan Jacques


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Megan & Max

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I used to be called Megan, Meg, or MEM. Megan Elizabeth Morris is a name I honor, value, and keep.

Now I am called Max, which has confused some people and encouraged others. Encouraged me, very much. 🙂

There are many parts of me that are still Megan, but it’s very clear in my experience that Megan died.

The parts of me that are here now experienced the ways she died.


Max is what they called my grandfather when he was a baby.

“Baby Maxie,” in the thick Jewish accents of Brooklyn and Long Island family members, seems to sound like “Megsy” to my aunt’s ears and mine. Granddad’s name as an adult was Mack. My Mom has always called me Meg. Growing up, we talked about Grandpa Mack a lot — shining light, courage, compassion, family strength.

Family nourishment can persist, even when many other things change.


I wanted to be called Max for a long time, since I was a little kid. Maurice Sendak’s original ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ and other essential elements of my childhood contributed.

Parts of us that died can regrow again, if we make sure the world is safe for that regrowing. Max — me, and my grandfather, and our emergent family ancestry — are helping.

People who loved Megan and want to talk with her again seem to be relieved once they come closer and find courage to listen. It is inappropriate, though, to ignore how she has been dead.

I guess that is at the crux of our most important conversation.

Having that conversation means she can grow back again.

Thank you for tuning in.

With appreciation,

Max Morris
(radio link)


PS. Here is a note.

Some people are not in a place in their life where they feel safe having this conversation. They may want to unsubscribe. I support this. Courage also regrows where it is safest to do so (in adverse conditions, as well).

When you want to find us again, here is the main station:

Stay safe, be well, best fortune in all your endeavors.

We are keeping lights shining for you.



How has Intuitive community changed your outcomes in caregiving?

I am a severely disabled survivor of severe trauma.

Most public support resources exclude me — they don’t know what to do with me.

Countless services and organizations have had no answer for me when I ask them what to do — for myself, my family, and for many others.

Survivors like me and families like mine need effective communications support and practical resource assistance in order to solve problems, stabilize, and recover health after trauma.

Because of the many, diverse, and unique challenges that emerge from compounded trauma, situational solutions are crucial to success for suffering families and communities.

Without the resources Intuitive has shared, my family and I could not communicate or survive together. This meant brutal additional pain, confusion, fear, stress, and illness for all of us until recently, especially because I am not the only severely disabled person in my immediate family.

After many years of threat to life and health, and of my mother struggling as caregiver for both my and my father’s very different, complex health challenges, we have new and better strategies for supporting one another effectively.

These strategies are working for us now even in the most chaotic (scary, messy, challenging) circumstances.

Intuitive provides coordination support that allows me to help care for my parents, helps others support my needs, and helps us rebuild healthy environments for our families and communities.

Our connection to Intuitive prevents further trauma, caregiver burnout, and premature death.

Intuitive helps us to address painful, scary, or complicated subjects more easily, aids us in problemsolving, and helps us to more successfully meet our needs.

We’re healthier every day because of this, and deeply grateful.

Thank you.

—-Max Morris